Heavy Metal Poisoning

Welcome to our information center on Heavy Metal Poisoning and the damage it does to the health of your family. Regrettably with an increase in mining, and lack of care for the environment, it is likely that the accumulation of heavy metals is going to lead to an increase in the incidence of chronic diseases, some of which have up till now been attributed to other causes.

How Heavy Metals Affect Your Health

Heavy metal poisoning is becoming a major cause for concern in today’s world. Those who monitor pollution are noticing that places close to course of heavy metals show a higher incidence in diseases, particularly cancer and dementia. The damage Cadmium in cigarette smoke is now universally known, while Mercury spews from Coal powered electricity generation and there is plenty of lead in the air from fossil fuels used in cars and trucks.

The main issue with these dangerous toxic substances is their strong positive charge. Chemically they bind to our cell receptors, and won’t let go. Chemistry being what it is, the strongest win in the competition for electrons.

When cell receptors are clogged with heavy metal particles, or those from other toxins for that matter, you have a problem. Cell receptors are used to communicate the nutritional requirements of each cell, inform the immune system of any foreign objects that require expulsion, communicate the need to detox, and other aspects of cell operation. Heavy metals attached to receptors will interfere with all of these. One disastrous consequence is cancer. Cancer is a situation where a malformed cell replicates rapidly, growing into a large mass called a tumor. Normally, the immune system via T cells will kill off mutant cells before they take hold. Toxins get in the way of communication and sometimes with miscommunication the immune system starts supporting and attacking the wrong cells leading to an autoimmune disease, something that is becoming increasingly common.

Obviously the answer is to remove the heavy metal particles from the cells, freeing up communication and allowing the immune system to do its job.

Some Heavy Metals And How They Affect Your Health

Listed below are among the results of environmental toxins. They are very troublesome to remove till now. A new know-how safely removes heavy metals and toxins without damaging your body. If you happen to discover that you’ve any of the circumstances listed right here, why not use our know-how to clean out the toxins and see what happens to your health.


Exposure to arsenic happens largely within the office, close to hazardous waste sites, or in areas with high natural levels. Symptoms of acute arsenic poisoning are sore throat from breathing, crimson skin at contact level, or severe belly pain, vomiting, and diarrhoea, typically within 1 hour after ingestion. Different symptoms are anorexia, fever, mucosal irritation, and arrhythmia.

Cardiovascular adjustments are sometimes refined in the early phases however can progress to cardiovascular collapse.

Persistent or increased levels of exposure can lead to progressive peripheral and central nervous changes, such as sensory changes, numbness and tingling, and muscle tenderness. A symptom typically described is a burning sensation (“needles and pins”) in hands and feet. Neuropathy (inflammation and wasting of the nerves) is normally gradual and occurs over several years. There can also be excessive darkening of the skin (hyperpigmentation) in areas that aren’t exposed to sunlight, extreme formation of pores and skin on the palms and soles (hyperkeratosis), or white bands of arsenic deposits across the mattress of the fingernails (usually 4-6 weeks after exposure). Delivery defects, liver harm, and malignancy are possible. (Arsenic has additionally been observed in people involved in homicides and suicide).


Acute exposure to lead is also extra prone to occur on the job, significantly in manufacturing processes that embrace the use of lead (e.g., the place batteries are manufactured or lead is recycled). Even printing ink, gasoline, and fertilizer comprise lead. Symptoms embody stomach pain, convulsions, hypertension, renal dysfunction, lack of appetite, fatigue, and sleeplessness. Different signs are hallucinations, headache, numbness, arthritis, and vertigo.

Persistent exposure to lead may end in birth defects, psychological retardation, autism, psychosis, allergic reactions, dyslexia, hyperactivity, weight loss, shaky arms, muscular weakness, and paralysis (beginning within the forearms). Kids are notably susceptible to exposure (absorbing as much as 50% of the ingested dose) and are vulnerable to ingesting lead because they chew on painted surfaces and eat merchandise not intended for human consumption (e.g., pastime paints, cosmetics, hair colourings with lead-based pigments, and even playground filth). Along with the symptoms found in acute lead exposure, symptoms of strong lead exposure could be allergic reactions, arthritis, autism, colic, hyperactivity, mood swings, nausea, numbness, lack of focus, seizures, and weight loss.


Acute mercury exposure might occur in the mining industry and in the manufacturing of fungicides, thermometers, and thermostats. Liquid mercury is especially enticing to kids due to its stunning silver colour and unique behaviour when spilled. Youngsters usually tend to incur acute exposure in the residence from ingesting mercury from a broken thermometer or consuming medication that incorporates mercury. As a result of the fact that mercury vapours concentrate at floor level, crawling youngsters are subject to a major hazard when the mercury is sprinkled all through the house throughout spiritual ceremonies or when there may be an unintentional spill (Zayas et al. 1996). Mercury spills are difficult to clean up, and mercury could stay undetected in carpeting for some time. Symptoms of acute exposure are cough, sore throat, and shortness of breath; metallic taste within the mouth, belly ache, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea; complications, weakness, visible disturbances, tachycardia, and hypertension.

Long term exposure to mercury may end in permanent harm to the central nervous system (Ewan et al. 1996) and kidneys. Mercury can also cross the placenta from the mom’s body to the foetus (levels in the foetus are sometimes double those in the mother) and accumulate, resulting in psychological retardation, brain harm, cerebral palsy, blindness, seizures, and lack of ability to speak.

Dental amalgam can be suspected as being a potential source of mercury toxicity from chronic exposure. Some physicians counsel that amalgam fillings may very well be a part of the reason for the explosion of studying problems and autism in youngsters since World Warfare II, a time period corresponding with the introduction and widespread use of mercury amalgam (O’Brien 2001).

Research in both animals and humans have confirmed the presence of mercury from amalgam fillings in tissue specimens, blood, amniotic fluid, or urine (Vimy et al. 1990; Willershausen-Zonnchen et al. 1992; Gebel et al. 1996; Omura et al. 1996; Sallsten et al. 1996; Isacsson et al. 1997). Nevertheless, in accordance with Dr. Robert M. Anderton of the American Dental Association, “There isn’t any sound scientific proof supporting a hyperlink between amalgam fillings and systemic diseases or persistent sickness” (Anderton 2001).

The ADA does acknowledge that amalgam contains mercury and reacts with others substances. Nevertheless, to date the ADA concludes that amalgam continues to be a secure material. Researchers reported discovering “no significant association of Alzheimer’s illness with the quantity, floor space, or history of having dental amalgam restoration” and “no statistical important variations in brain mercury levels between subjects with Alzheimer’s disease and management subjects” (Saxe et al.1996).

Apparently, the metallic mercury used by dentists to manufacture dental amalgam is shipped as a hazardous materials to dental offices. Though the ADA does not advise removing present amalgam fillings from enamel, it does help ongoing research to develop new supplies that will show to be as protected as dental amalgam (Anderton 2001). Signs in adults and children may include tremors, nervousness, forgetfulness, emotional instability, insomnia, fatigue, weak point, anorexia, cognitive and motor dysfunction, and kidney damage. People who eat greater than two fish meals a week are exhibiting very excessive serum levels of mercury.


Acute exposure to cadmium generally happens within the workplace, significantly in the manufacturing processes of batteries and color pigments utilized in paint and plastics, as well as in electroplating and galvanizing processes. Symptoms of acute cadmium exposure are nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and breathing difficulty. Cadmium is also present in cigarette smoke and passive smoking has rendered many people exposure to Cadmium poisoning.

Continual exposure to cadmium can result in chronic obstructive lung disease, renal disease, and fragile bones. Protect youngsters by carefully storing products containing cadmium, particularly nickel-cadmium batteries. Symptoms of persistent publicity may include alopecia, anaemia, arthritis, learning issues, migraines, growth impairment, emphysema, osteoporosis, loss of taste and smell, poor urge for food, and cardiovascular disease.


Though aluminium is not a heavy steel, environmental publicity is frequent, leading to issues about accumulative effects and a potential connection with Alzheimer’s disease (Anon. 1993). Acute exposure is more likely in the office e.g. unintentional respiration of aluminium-laden dust from manufacturing or metal ending processes.

Continual exposure could happen within the workplace from accumulated exposures to low ranges of airborne aluminium mud and dealing with aluminium elements throughout assembly processes over many years. In the home, we are in fixed contact with aluminium in foods and in water; from cookware and soft drink or soda pop cans; from consuming objects with excessive levels of aluminium (e.g., antacids, buffered aspirin, or treated consuming water; or even through the use of nasal sprays, toothpaste, and antiperspirants) (Anon. 1993; ATSDR ToxFAQs for Aluminium). Citric acid (e.g., in orange juice) might enhance aluminium ranges by its leaching activity.

Curiously, aluminium-primarily based coagulants are used within the purification of water. However, the useful results of using aluminium in water treatment have been balanced against the potential health concerns. Water purification services follow a lot of approaches to attenuate the extent in “completed” water (WHO 1998). Symptoms of aluminium toxicity include reminiscence loss, learning difficulty, lack of coordination, disorientation, mental confusion, colic, heartburn, flatulence, and headaches.


We can see from the above information that heavy metal poisoning is a real issue in our modern world, and something we should be aware of.

Research Demonstrates The Dangers Of Heavy Metal Poisoning

In doing my due diligence on the consequences of heavy metal poisoning, I came across this research material which you may find interesting. It talks primarily about Cadmium, Mercury, Lead and Arsenic as being heavy metals that are common in the environment, and have toxic effects on humans.

The video above shows a Doctor explaining why detoxification from Heavy Metals can be a slow process. Fortunately we now have a non toxic safe way to achieve this without the serious side effects.

Hazards of heavy metal contamination

Published in the Oxford Medical Journal

Abstract of the research article

“The main threats to human health from heavy metals are associated with exposure to lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic. These metals have been extensively studied and their effects on human health regularly reviewed by international bodies such as the WHO. Heavy metals have been used by humans for thousands of years. Although several adverse health effects of heavy metals have been known for a long time, exposure to heavy metals continues, and is even increasing in some parts of the world, in particular in less developed countries, though emissions have declined in most developed countries over the last 100 years. Cadmium compounds are currently mainly used in re-chargeable nickel–cadmium batteries. Cadmium emissions have increased dramatically during the 20th century, one reason being that cadmium-containing products are rarely re-cycled, but often dumped together with household waste. Cigarette smoking is a major source of cadmium exposure.

In non-smokers, food is the most important source of cadmium exposure. Recent data indicate that adverse health effects of cadmium exposure may occur at lower exposure levels than previously anticipated, primarily in the form of kidney damage but possibly also bone effects and fractures. Many individuals in Europe already exceed these exposure levels and the margin is very narrow for large groups. Therefore, measures should be taken to reduce cadmium exposure in the general population in order to minimize the risk of adverse health effects.

The general population is primarily exposed to mercury via food, fish being a major source of methyl mercury exposure, and dental amalgam. The general population does not face a significant health risk from methyl mercury, although certain groups with high fish consumption may attain blood levels associated with a low risk of neurological damage to adults. Since there is a risk to the fetus in particular, pregnant women should avoid a high intake of certain fish, such as shark, swordfish and tuna; fish (such as pike, walleye and bass) taken from polluted fresh waters should especially be avoided. There has been a debate on the safety of dental amalgams and claims have been made that mercury from amalgam may cause a variety of diseases. However, there are no studies so far that have been able to show any associations between amalgam fillings and ill health.

The general population is exposed to lead from air and food in roughly equal proportions. During the last century, lead emissions to ambient air have caused considerable pollution, mainly due to lead emissions from petrol. Children are particularly susceptible to lead exposure due to high gastrointestinal uptake and the permeable blood–brain barrier. Blood levels in children should be reduced below the levels so far considered acceptable, recent data indicating that there may be neurotoxic effects of lead at lower levels of exposure than previously anticipated. Although lead in petrol has dramatically decreased over the last decades, thereby reducing environmental exposure, phasing out any remaining uses of lead additives in motor fuels should be encouraged. The use of lead-based paints should be abandoned, and lead should not be used in food containers. In particular, the public should be aware of glazed food containers, which may leach lead into food.

Exposure to arsenic is mainly via intake of food and drinking water, food being the most important source in most populations. Long-term exposure to arsenic in drinking-water is mainly related to increased risks of skin cancer, but also some other cancers, as well as other skin lesions such as hyperkeratosis and pigmentation changes. Occupational exposure to arsenic, primarily by inhalation, is causally associated with lung cancer. Clear exposure–response relationships and high risks have been observed. ”

My Observations

It is clear from research that Heavy Metal Poisoning presents a real threat to human health. While the medical establishment tend to dismiss the amount of exposure and suggest our bodies detoxify naturally, I would suggest this is clearly not the case.

These substances build up over many years and the accumulated body burden may cause cancer or other serious illnesses if left unchecked.

Activated Liquid Zeolite in the form of Natural Cellular Defense provides a way to keep toxic levels under control, thus minimizing the possibility of experiencing the toxic effects of heavy metals. An ounce of prevention is certainly preferable to the consequences, especially when ti comes to Heavy Metal Poisoning.

The full article can be read at http://bmb.oxfordjournals.org/content/68/1/167.full

How Zeolite Helps Heavy Metal Poisoning

There are many sciences that are meant to help us in maintaining vital health and liquid zeolite is one of these. Many ask what’s liquid zeolite? Zeolites are shaped in volcanoes. They’re negatively charged in nature and form a hollow structure. They seize heavy metals and toxins within the body and safely remove them. For this fact, lots of people at the moment are turning to liquid zeolite as a means to maintain their bodies free of heavy metals. The process of changing Zeolite into liquid zeolite is one in which you first micronize the powder to less than 5 microns, then cleanse it of all toxins, and finally mix it in filtered water so it might cross into the blood stream.

In our modern world, we are confronted with extreme challenges by our very existence. There are over 70,000 chemical compounds utilized in business, agriculture, food production and these affect virtually every facet of life. Whenever you purchase food it’s laced with heavy metals and other toxic compounds. Liquid zeolite presents an environment friendly method to take away these, especially heavy metals. If you take liquid zeolite as a part of your everyday regime, just a few drops ensure you aren’t increasing the extent of toxins in your body. Detoxing with liquid zeolite makes complete sense as a solution to combat these issues, and if you see the changes in your vitality levels and state of -being, you will become a supporter too.

While mainstream medication offers an inadequate record with keeping most cancer victims alive, many affiliate most cancers and liquid zeolite as a way to stop and even control cancer. As liquid zeolite removes toxins from the body and reduces our toxic load, it is sensible to make use of it as a cancer combating strategy. Liquid zeolite is a perfect option to obtain this aim.

The affiliation of liquid zeolite and heavy metals has been around some time. Research proves that liquid zeolite removes heavy metals from human tissue with complete safety. In people a study published in 2009 clearly confirmed that those that used activated liquid zeolite had a rise in heavy metals removed by way of the urine in less than a few days of utilizing this product.

There are many situations for which liquid zeolite is an extremely good way to improve your vitality. One of these is the concept of liquid zeolite and mercury poisoning. Analysis proves that liquid zeolite removes mercury from our bodies and eliminates it by way of the kidneys in a couple of hours.

Can autism be alleviated with liquid zeolite? While there may be proof that people taking liquid zeolite present greatly diminished symptoms of autism spectrum, it is not the case for all people. Given the dearth of success with varied treatments, and the actual fact heavy metals are a factor, utilizing liquid zeolite will not do any harm and it just might work in conjunction with other therapies.

Anyone reading this information may be interested to know what are zeolites? The answer to that is that 1000’s of years ago there were enormous volcanic eruptions. After the lava cooled some elements formed as rocks, and a small quantity maintained unique properties of being negatively charged in their pure state. There are 3 different types of Zeolite. One consists of asbestos, and is obviously unsafe. The third, or sheath like zeolites, are those that have been certified as secure by the FDA within the USA. Of these Clinoptilolite is known to be totally safe. Scientists saw positive outcomes in sows who had zeolite added to their diet, and zeolite is now used for water filtration and decontaminating soil, including nuclear disasters at Fukushima. More recently liquid zeolite was formulated to improve the effect on humans.

In the trendy world we are faced with an ever growing risk from heavy metal toxicity. This has come about from an industrialized world, although there was an enormous reduction of infant mortality. The scenario with most cancers and other illnesses to which heavy metal toxicity is usually a contributing issue, is completely different, with deaths from cancer up from 7 % around the early 1900s to over 1/3 now and rising. Lowering heavy metal toxicity with liquid zeolite is one approach to reduce your likelihood of getting most cancers by eradicating a few of the lethal toxins that will cause it. Heavy metals are implicated in CFS, Alzheimer’s Disease, MS, Parkinson’s, dementia, and an entire host of chronic diseases. Using liquid zeolite to take away these substances from the body makes complete sense as a means to keep yourself free of the causes of many critical health issues.

Dr Steven Gale of the University of Sydney produced a paper on the effects of lead poisoning. He mentioned that even at low concentrations, lead can be harmful to learning. In Mt Isa, Australia, youngsters are not even diagnosed for lead poisoning until it is a minimum of 10 times the safe level imposed by government medical departments. Leadpoiconing leads to learning difficulties and remains to be found in unleaded petrol. children who stay near major roads are inclined to have a lower IQ than everybody else. A research paper demonstrated that liquid zeolite traps lead and eliminates it from the body. Lead was found in pencils, is emitted in smelters, and stays on the ground for a long time.

Over the last few years cigarette smoke has been progressively lowered, in spite of the efforts of the tobacco companies. One of the fundamental toxins present in tobacco smoke is Cadmium, and this has triggered many lung and medical illnesses, even in passive smokers. Lately, people who smoke congregate in outside areas, so we all get exposed. Liquid zeolite is a technique to take away cadmium out of your body to stop damage from smoking, notably passive smoking. Whereas not talked about frequently, it is crucial you know your body is free from cadmium as it might be a strong indicator of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

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Are You Suffering From Cadmium Poisoning?


heavy metal poisoning, cadmiumWhen it comes to heavy metal poisoning, few of these nasty toxins are worse than Cadmium for their effects on humans. Continual exposure to cadmium can result in chronic obstructive lung disease, renal disease, and fragile bones. Symptoms of persistent publicity may include alopecia, anaemia, arthritis, learning issues, migraines, growth impairment, emphysema, osteoporosis, loss of taste and smell, poor urge for food, and cardiovascular disease.Protect youngsters by carefully storing products containing cadmium, particularly nickel-cadmium batteries.

Sources Of Cadmium

Cadmium is found in many places. Cigarette smoke is the classic cause of Cadmium poisoning, but there are many other lesser known factors at work. Health Ranger Mike Adams suggests that Cadmium in coffee is a real issue with drinking large quantities making people more aggressive. Cadmium is a common element in our environment being found in many meats, particularly liver
and Kidneys.

One interesting fact is that Cadmium is also present in a variety of fruits and vegetables. Despite this, Cadmium from meat seems to be far more toxic. Research shows that there is a far greater absorption rate for Cadmium in meat products than in fruits and vegetables. There is evidence that those who have a largely vegetarian diet are likely to be less subject to Cadmium poisoning.

Does Cadmium Cause Cancer?

Research demonstrates that there is a 43% higher risk of breast cancer amongst those with high levels of Cadmium. Keeping your Cadmium levels low is therefore very desirably if you wish to avoid chronic disease.

Like other heavy metals, Cadmium binds tightly to cell receptors, inhibiting nutritional intake and cellular communication. By attaching to these receptors, cells may mutate and then proliferate leading to cancer.

Cadmium Removal

Cadmium can be removed by liquid zeolite and other chelators. You really want to keep this element under control because of the associated health risks. Probably the best way to do this is to detox with zeolite as well as limiting meat intake, and living way from smoking environments and industrial pollution. Finally, I would get a good water filter to ensure you are not being fed Cadmium through your local water supply.

How Do You Know You Are Affected

You can measure the Cadmium in your body using a hair analysis examination. You simply cut off some hair from the nape of your neck and send it to a laboratory for testing. This will tell you if there is too much Cadmium in your body. Using something like Liquid Zeolite, you can monitor excretion of Cadmium through the urine by a simple test. You will observe a rise in excretion initially and after some time, you will see levels normalise. Often the tangible results are feeling more energy than normal and a sense of lightness. It is definitely worth the effort to remove this dangerous heavy metal.

The Dangers of Arsenic Poisoning

Arsenic is classified as a heavy metal, and as such is an extremely toxic substance to humans. In the 19th century, Arsenic was the poison of choice of women who wanted to get rid of their husbands. By administering small amounts of Arsenic over time it accumulated to cause a variety of symptoms that could be attributed to other causes.


Sources Of Arsenic Toxicity

It is clear that Arsenic is something to be avoided, but where does this heavy metal come from?

The most obvious source is treated pine. Experts say unless you lick it, it won’t harm, but many walk on treated pine decking, and an SBS program which investigated toxicity in housing made mention of treated pine as being a source of arsenic toxicity.

Reading the literature further, Arsenic comes from Coal Fired Power Stations, ground water and seafood. Given the way it accumulates in the body, and the long term consequences, it is something you really don’t want interfering with your health.


Diseases Caused By Arsenic Heavy Metal Poisoning

As for what symptoms and diseases you can have after exposure to Arsenic, consider these.

Acute oral exposures have resulted in the presence of a metallic taste, epigastric pain, headache, nausea, dizziness, vomiting and diarrhoea, tachycardia, respiratory difficulty, haemolytic anaemia, haematuria, gastrointestinal bleeding, liver and kidney failure and death.

Clearly after reading this list, you don’t wish to be exposed to arsenic poisoning.


How Do You Test For Arsenic Poisoning

As with other Heavy Metals, there are several ways you can test for Arsenic poisoning. One is a blood test which tests levels at any given time. It is preferred by Doctors because it is quick, however we know that heavy metals are more likely to lurk in body tissue.


Hair analysis does give a good indication. To monitor progress with this method you need to leave 6 months between samples. This means you have no idea what is happening for that time, except how you feel as you remove the toxins.


A simple daily test is a urine test. This measures Arsenic excreted in the urine. Of course, to be measured there must be Arsenic coming out of the body. That happens when you start a treatment to chelate the Arsenic out of the body.


We would recommend a Hair Analysis to determine the level of toxicity as a first measure. Once you start using something like Activated Liquid Zeolite NCD to eliminate the Arsenic, you will see levels rise in regular Urine tests. Once the level starts to drop, it will show up in the urine, at which time, you can get another Hair Analysis to verify the reduction in toxicity in your body.


Elimination Of Arsenic

The process of becoming toxic with heavy metals such as Arsenic is a slow one. Normally it is not a single exposure that causes health issues. It can come from drinking contaminated water for years, living near an industrial source of exposure, or walking barefoot on a treated pine deck for some time.


When you consider that in Victorian times an undetectable amount of Arsenic administered consistently over time would kill an inconvenient husband, you can understand why you don’t want any of this substance lurking in your body for any length of time.